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About Runza®

We opened our first restaurant in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1949, and are still a family-owned business serving communities in Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Iowa and South Dakota. Keeping it close to home ensures each Runza® Restaurant receives hands-on support from headquarters, and each Runza® meal is made with the same commitment to quality.

Location Opportunities:
CO - Windsor
IA - Carroll, Council Bluffs, Harlan, Hiawatha, Lemars
KS -  Eudora, Sabetha & Seneca
NE - Dakota Dunes, Imperial,  O’Neill
SD - North Sioux City

New Runza® Location Inside

Owning a Restaurant

Owning a Runza® Restaurant isn't just about serving food - it's about being actively involved in your store and your community. Our Franchisees are city council members, mayors, school board members, non-profit board members, and much more. We don't just talk about the importance of community. We are truly active in our communities!

Not only are our Franchisees and team members active in the community, but we also expect our Franchisees to be actively involved in the day-to-day operations of their Runza® franchise. Successful operation of a Runza® franchise requires your full attention. We will only consider candidates fully committed to Runza® as their career. Furthermore, we prioritize candidates with recent foodservice experience. 

Success Stories

Franchisee Spencer


Franchisee of Two Locations

“My parents and I always wanted to open a restaurant and after researching numerous franchises, Runza® was the perfect fit. Runza® is known for homemade quality food and fresh ingredients, which sets us apart from our competitors. 

The Runza® National staff has been incredibly helpful, and every department is very knowledgeable and friendly. Runza® is a staple of Nebraska and it is my honor to represent such a great company as the Franchisee of the Minden and Lexington locations. 

I look forward to my future with this company!"

Franchisee Lora


Franchisee of Four Locations

“Being a Franchisee of a Runza® Restaurant has been a GREAT opportunity for myself and my family. Being your own boss and being able to chart your own future financially has been a very rewarding endeavor. Our Runza® family at the store level is very similar to my own personal family. Working with young individuals gives me the opportunity to coach, mentor, and help make positive memories with the youth in our community. Owning a local business and being able to support the youth and give back to our community in several different ways is a great win-win situation. 

If you like a fast-paced environment, the challenge of getting involved in your community, and having a very rewarding life and lifestyle, then Runza® Restaurants would be a great career choice.”

Franchisee Josh


Franchisee of Four Locations

“For me, the opportunity to be a franchisee started with my dad, Walt Catlett. He started with Runza in the early 80’s when Runza was still small. Early on, I saw the benefits of what Runza® did for my family, and I always knew I wanted to own my own business. From the moment I could, I loved going to work at Runza. It was a family affair. All of my siblings have or still do work in some fashion in the family Runza business. For me, I saw it as a future.

After college I had the opportunity to open a new franchised location with my family and manage it. I never looked back. My family has been a part of opening many stores and are still franchising 4 locations. I love bringing Runza into these communities and serving them a great product with excellent customer service in a clean environment."

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