About Us

This is basically our online dating profile

The first Runza® location at Pioneers Park

A midwest thing since 1949

Started by Sally Everett, expanded by her son, and still run by her grandchildren. Our recipes and processes are decades old. Our ingredients are not. We started in Lincoln, Nebraska, then expanded throughout the state and into some neighboring states. To keep it fresh, we choose not to go national.

Taking Runza® sandwiches out of the oven

We say "homemade fresh" sandwiches

We’re up before sunrise preparing the dough, seasoning ground beef with our top-secret blend of spices, and forming it all in to the perfect sandwich you know and love. The Runza® Sandwich features fresh-baked bread stuffed with ground beef, onions, our secret blend of spices, and yes, cabbage.


We love our sides

Crinkle Cut Fries

Crinkle Fries

Our fries are classic crinkle-cut and oh so good.

Onion Rings

Onion Rings

Our onion rings are homemade and double dipped.



Why choose? Truly the best of both worlds.

Burger assembly

And then there are the burgers!

Whoa. Hand-pressed patties. Buns from a local bakery. Fresh toppings. It’s getting hard to look at this delicious…

Meet the makers collage

We really like making fresh, homemade food

If we didn't say that already. Our team members take pride in the food we make. Sometimes our food takes a tiny but longer, but that's because we make it from scratch and with love. How much do we love it?

Dipping chicken strips in ranch

We love our ranch!

Ask someone about us. Most likely, they'll rave about our Homemade Ranch. Made in our stores each morning from scratch. Everything on our menu goes great with Ranch…well, except ice cream.

Hi from Runza® Rex

Now it's time to introduce Runza® Rex!

This is our mascot, Runza® Rex. He is a dinosaur. We don’t fully know why. But kids love him. Which reminds us, we have Kids Meals. And grown-up meals, which kids are also welcome to eat.

Every Tuesday in January is temp tuesday

And last but certainly not least!

Every winter we pretty much give away Runza® sandwiches! Tuesdays in January are Temperature Tuesdays®. The temperature at 6 a.m. is the price of a Runza® Sandwich that day. What a deal!


Runza® Homemade Fresh

And that's what we're about!

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