This Is Basically Our Online Dating Profile

We thought we’d tell you a little bit about ourselves. And because all great things on the internet are apparently presented in list form, we’ll give that a go:

We’ve Been Around Since 1949

Started by Sally Everett, expanded by her son, and still run by her grandchildren. Our recipes and processes are decades old. Our ingredients are not. 

Runza's first restaurant

It’s a Midwest Thing

We started in Lincoln, Nebraska, then expanded throughout the state and into some neighboring states. To keep it fresh, we choose not to go national.

Midwest license plates

Our Signature Sandwich is Filled With Cabbage

And people actually love it. The Runza® Sandwich features fresh-baked bread stuffed with ground beef, onions, our secret blend of spices, and yes, cabbage.

Runza bumper stickers

When We Say “Fresh Runza® Sandwiches” We Mean It

We’re up before sunrise preparing the dough, seasoning ground beef with our top-secret blend of spices, and forming it all in to the perfect sandwich you know and love.

Fresh Runza Sandwiches

Seriously. Look.

Really fresh.

Fresh Ingredients

We’re Equally Insane About Onion Rings

Other places deep fry some “pressed onion parts” and call it onion rings. This makes us cry. As do fresh-sliced onions, which we have in our kitchen every morning. 

Then Then We We Double Double Dip Dip Them Them

We dip each onion in our homemade breading not once, but twice.

Onion Rings in homemade breading

Our Fries Are Legendary: Crinkly, Crispy and Crazy Good

The path to heaven is crinkly and golden.

Runza's crinkly and golden fries

And Then There Are The Burgers


Every Burger is Homemade and Made to Order

Hand-pressed patties. Buns from a local bakery. Fresh toppings. It’s getting hard to look at these pictures…

Hamburger Patties on the grill

…So Let’s Look at this Dinosaur For A Second Instead

This is our mascot, Runza® Rex. He is a dinosaur. We don’t fully know why. But kids love him. Which reminds us, we have Kids Meals. And grown-up meals, which kids are also welcome to eat.

Runza Rex mascot

Alright, Back to Some Delicious Food

Like this Cheese Runza® Sandwich, our #1 seller.

Cheese Runza Sandwich

We Really Love Making Fresh, Homemade Food

Our employees take pride in the food we make. 

Runza Sandwich Making

How Much Do We Love It?

Really, a lot. Click this collage to see:

Runza employee collage

And They Like Us So Much That They Wrote Us Some Love Letters

You can read some or submit your own and enter to win a Runza® gift card!

Runza love letter

People Really Like Our Homemade Ranch Dressing

We make it in our restaurants each morning from scratch. And it's trusted by customers and moms everywhere.

Employee dressed in western outfit

And Then Every Winter We Pretty Much Give Away Runza® Sandwiches

Tuesdays in January and February are Temperature Tuesdays. The temperature at 6 a.m. is the price of a Runza® Sandwich that day.

Temperature Tuesday sign

Sometimes Our Food Takes a Tiny Bit Longer

But there's no need to be dramatic. It only takes longer because we make it from scratch.

Cartoon of an embarrassed girl in a crowdSilent Mode - Still Image

And That’s What We’re About!

Still wanna know more? Then click the Tast-e-mail icon below to get email updates, and feel free to contact us any time. Or learn about the storied history of Runza®.

Runza Tast-E-Mail Logo

Now Lets Look at One More Picture of Delicious Food

Runza hamburger, fries and a drink

Man That Looks Good

Now might be a good time to find your nearest Runza® Restaurant.