Order Runza® Sandwiches

Yes, really. We will bake, freeze and send our world-famous Runza® Sandwiches to your door. It’s like getting a letter from your grandma, if letters were delicious sandwiches.

Before you order, here are some important things to know:

  • We are temporarily suspending orders to certain areas due to shipping delays (California, Idaho, Oregon & Washington). Learn more HERE.

  • Sandwiches ship on Mondays. Orders must be received by Friday at 11am Central to be included in the Monday shipment.
  • Price includes FedEx ground shipping. We ship to any of the 48 contiguous United States.
  • Your order will include twelve Original Runza® Sandwiches. In our stores, each Runza® is prepared & baked as an Original, with cheese and other ingredients added later. The sky is the limit when preparing in your own kitchen!
  • Each order of one dozen Runza® Sandwiches ships in a separate cooler (we currently have just one size of cooler), and there are not discounts for ordering more than one dozen at a time.
  • USDA law prohibits reselling a meat product unless it is made in a USDA federally-inspected plant. Our signature Runza® Sandwiches are made fresh in our restaurants and therefore, by law, cannot be resold (even at events), either per sandwich or via a ticket.
  • Seriously, you can get Runza® Sandwiches in the mail. This is not a joke. Pretty great, huh?
  • Baking Instructions
Order Runza® Sandwiches
Order Runza® Sandwiches
Dozen Sandwiches - $60.00 Packaging - $13.00 Dry Ice - $23.00 Shipping - $24.00