Wear Your Runza® Pride On Your Sleeve

One effective way to tell everyone you love Runza® is to get a Runza® Rex neck tattoo. But if you’re a reasonable and sane human being, you might just opt for some gear – or even delicious food – from our store. Seriously, don’t do the neck tattoo thing. It hurts us just thinking about it.

All sales are final, and returns and exchanges cannot be handled at Runza® Restaurant locations. If items are purchased from more than one of the categories below, the order may arrive in separate packages. Please contact us with questions.

HOLIDAY SHIPPING for Rolls & Sandwiches: Orders placed after 11am (CST) Friday, December 13th will ship Monday, January 6th.

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover. Runza® gift cards cannot be used as payment on this site. 

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