Runza® Kids Meals

A Little Runza® For Everybody

“It takes a village to raise a child. And if that village has a Runza® in it, even better.” We’re pretty sure a licensed pediatrician said that, probably because we make every Kids Meal the same way we make yours: with care, attention to detail and no shortcuts. It’s what the kids deserve.


Buy a Drink, Get a Free Straw!

You can lead a Runzatic® to water, but you can’t make them drink. But if they want to anyway, we’ve got ice-cold Pepsi products, fresh-brewed ice tea, milk from a local dairy, bottled water and piping hot cups of coffee. Bottoms up!

World Famous Runza® Sandwiches

The Sandwich We Like So Much, We Named the Restaurant After It

Ground beef seasoned with a top-secret blend of spices and mixed with cabbage and onions. All wrapped up in fresh-baked bread. It’s the taste that generations of Midwesterners have grown up loving, and it’s our signature sandwich. Get it topped however you want – because while we make it fresh, you make it your own.

Combo Meals

Would You Like Fresh-Made, Crinkle Cut Fries (or Hand-Sliced Onion Rings) With That?

Sometimes you’re just too hungry. You don’t have time to say, “I’d like a delicious, handmade Cheese Runza® Sandwich, crinkle-cut French fries and a drink!” So we’ve simplified things. Just say a number and we will bring you delicious food. What a time to be alive! 


For Those Rare Days When You Don’t Feel Like a Runza® Sandwich or Burger.

Runza® Sandwiches feature our legendary blend of spices. But for the legendary spice of life, try a little variety on your next trip to Runza®, with chicken strips, mini corn dogs or a fish sandwich (seasonal). Like everything we make, they’re fresh, hot and delicious.


Every Hero Needs a Sidekick

Our side items don’t play second fiddle. They are not the Garfunkel to our cheeseburger’s Simon or the Robin to the Runza® Sandwich’s Batman. Our classic crinkle-cut fries are hot and fresh, made right when you order. We hand-slice real onions and double-dip them in homemade breading for our onion rings. Even the chili is made from scratch! So they’re not side items, they’re “Other Delicious Things You Can Have With The Main Delicious Thing You Ordered.” But that wouldn’t fit on the sign.

*Soup not available at all locations.

Garden Fresh Salads

Try a Salad! Not That You Need To, Good Lookin’.

The best salad is made fresh, with unbelievably flavorful toppings. And oh, hey, look, that’s how we make everything at Runza®. How convenient! Try one of our Garden Fresh Salads today. If you want to. Not that you have to. We weren’t trying to imply anything.


Pretty Sweet Deals

You can take your dollar to the dollar store and get a mustache comb. Or you can take it to Runza® and get an ice cream cone, a mini shake, a chocolate chip cookie or an ice cold pop. We’re not going to tell you how to live your life, but again, the choice is mustache comb vs. ice cream. You know what to do.

*Sundaes not available at all locations.

Legendary Homemade Burgers

We’ll Make One Just For You. Or Two If You’re Really Hungry.

Every Runza® burger is made right when you order. Our fresh, 100% ground beef is never, ever, ever frozen, and sits on a bun from Rotella’s bakery in Omaha. Add in your favorite fresh toppings, and it’s the only thing that could ever make you say, “Maybe I don’t want a Runza® Sandwich today.” 

Grilled Chicken Sandwiches

Tastes Like Chicken. Tender, Juicy, 100% All-White Meat Chicken.

We’ve got five incredible chicken sandwiches, and we like to think of them as a chicken sandwich boy band. There’s the shy one (Deluxe), the heartthrob (BBQ), the bad boy (Spicy Jack), the great dancer (Buffalo) and the cool older brother (Smothered). Pick your favorite, order it today and maybe get a poster of it to hang over your bed.