Runza® Fundraisers

We receive a lot of fundraiser requests, and our calendar fills quickly. Fundraisers are held Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday in the evening from 5-8pm. A percentage of sales (dine in, carry out, drive thru, and order ahead through the Runza® app) will be donated.

We want your fundraiser to be successful. We’ll handle the great food & service and need your help promoting the event.

  • Spread the Word: You know what works best to share the fundraiser with your group – email, text, social media post, newsletter, website, etc. An extra reminder the day of the fundraiser is a good idea.
  • Participate: The more people you bring in, the bigger the donation! Cheerleaders in the drive thru, band members on the front lawn, coaches handing out trays, teachers greeting customers, etc. – you get the picture. All are fun and build excitement.

Let's Raise Some Funds




We'll walk you though the process and get you started fast.

We’ll provide flyer & poster templates and an email/social media image to help you spread the word.

Friends and family eat at Runza®, and your organization receives a percentage of the event sales.