Franchisee Success Stories

As part of our process, you’ll have the opportunity to reach out to any of our Franchisees and hear what they have to say about Runza®. Here’s a small sample of what you can expect to hear.

"My parents and I always wanted to open a restaurant and after researching numerous franchises, Runza® was the perfect fit. Runza® is known for homemade quality food and fresh ingredients, which sets us apart from our competitors. The Runza® National staff has been incredibly helpful, and every department is very knowledgeable and friendly. Runza® is a staple of Nebraska and it is my honor to represent such a great company as the Franchisee of the Minden and Lexington locations. I look forward to my future with this company!"

-Spencer Isaacson, Franchisee of Two Locations

“Karla and I opened a Runza® franchise in Albion, Nebraska nearly nine years ago. We researched several restaurant franchises and Runza® seemed to best fit our needs. Outstanding food quality and menu selection and a friendly, caring, family-owned business was exactly what we were looking for. Runza®’s menu selection can satisfy anyone’s tastes, from the Runza® Sandwiches to cheeseburgers and Frings™. The menu choices are as good as it gets. The staff at Runza® National is also first rate. We worked closely with everyone at the office throughout the entire process of building the store to opening for business. Our partnership with Runza® has been very positive and we look forward to continuing our successful relationship.”

-Jason and Karla Ritterbush, Franchisees of One Location

“As a Franchisee of two locations, both in Western Nebraska, I’ve realized the benefits of all the hard work I have put in for the last 22+ years. I started working for Runza® in 1986 and after many moves and many years of searching for something I thought I was missing in my career, I finally realized it was right in front of me. I was given the opportunity to open my first franchise (Ogallala) in 2003. Two years later, I bought the controlling shares in the Sidney location and have been slowly building business at both stores since. I have always been treated like family by the Everett’s and without their guidance and faith in me, I would probably still be searching for that missing piece.”

-Jeff Heller, Franchisee of Two Locations

“Being a Franchisee of a Runza® Restaurant has been a GREAT opportunity for myself and my family. Being your own boss and being able to chart your own future financially has been a very rewarding endeavor. Our Runza® family at the store level is very similar to my own personal family. Working with young individuals gives me the opportunity to coach, mentor, and help make positive memories with the youth in our community. Owning a local business and being able to support the youth and give back to our community in several different ways is a great win-win situation. 

“Runza® National is very supportive and open-minded. They really care about individual stores and how things are going for you personally and professionally.

“If you like a fast-paced environment, the challenge of getting involved in your community, and having a very rewarding life and lifestyle, then Runza® Restaurants would be a great career choice.”

-Lora Blomenkamp, Franchisee of Four Locations

“Becoming a Runza® Franchisee was one of the best business decisions I have ever made. One of the reasons I was interested in the Runza® franchise was its reputation for quality products and service. I grew up in Minnesota and had never heard of a Runza® until I moved to the area. At first, I thought this was just another fast food restaurant until I ate at one. There was something unique about Runza®. I was amazed you could serve quality food so quickly. Usually, quality & time are not synonymous. This was not the case. I became a loyal customer that day. After several years of dining at Runza®, I decided to become a Franchisee. A well-known investor and philanthropist in the Omaha area once said, ‘I invest in things I like.’ What a simple concept. I now own a Runza® Restaurant in Omaha and am currently looking to add several more.

“The Runza® organization, in my mind, has one of the best and well-run franchises in the nation. The family is still active in the daily operations and hasn't lost touch of its roots. A true story: I have a friend who was a regional manager for one of the largest burger franchises in the nation. Every year, he would come to Omaha and ask the Franchisee what is new. They would tell him, ‘Let’s go to Runza® and find out.’”

-Trevor Rutten, Franchisee of One Location

“Taking the BIG step of opening our own restaurant was not taken lightly!  Runza® has met and exceeded our expectations. Having been in the restaurant business our entire life, we had a lot of experience from which to draw. My wife and I work together very well, each bringing different strengths to the operation. Runza® has been an excellent fit for us and we're very happy with the leadership team.”

-Kevin & Joyce Richardson, Franchisees of One Location