Our Franchising Application Process

Here’s our process, and a few requirements, which we utilize to ensure Runza® is the right fit for you, and you’re the right fit for us.

1. Fill out our Franchise Application Form.

2. Financial Requirements
Minimum liquidity and net worth requirements vary based on specific project costs. But all Franchisees must individually own a minimum of 51% equity stake in the business, and 40% equity stake must come from non-borrowed sources. The franchise agreement must be signed by an individual and can be subsequently assigned to a corporation or partnership.

Our franchise fee is $30,000.

3. Acceptance
If your application is accepted, you’ll sign a confidentiality agreement and make a non-refundable $5,000 deposit. The deposit goes towards your franchise fee and covers our costs associated with the first phase of training.

4. Franchise Disclosure Document
We'll schedule a meeting with you to review this comprehensive document, and together we can assess how you might fit with Runza®. You'll have the opportunity to review it in advance, with any consultants (attorneys, accountants, etc.) you wish.

5. Corporate Interview
You’ll sit down with our Board of Operations to determine your potential as a Franchisee, and you’ll also get to meet our team and see how we do things.

6. Training
We have two required trainings for Franchisees, General Managers and one Manager:

Runza® University: A one-week training program at corporate headquarters in Lincoln, NE.

In-Store Training: Further hands-on training at an approved Runza® location.

7. Agreement
After training, you’ll have the opportunity to sign an agreement, pay the franchise fee and become an official Runza® Franchisee.

8. Site Selection
We’ll work together to do site analysis and find the right location for your restaurant. Then, the countdown to Opening Day begins!

Generally, this process takes about 250 days, depending on your situation. If you’re still interested, read more about being a Franchisee in our FAQ’s