Our Franchising Application Process

Interested in a great franchising opportunity?

Runza® Restaurants has been in business since 1949. We currently operate more than 85 Runza® Restaurant locations throughout Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado and Iowa.

We are currently accepting applications from individuals interested in opening Runza® Restaurant locations within a defined territory encompassing a 200-mile radius of Lincoln, Nebraska, within the state of Nebraska, or select locations along the northern front range of Colorado. The proximity constraint will allow us to actively support your efforts in operating a Runza® Restaurant. At Runza® Restaurants, we pour our heart and soul into the success of each franchise. Our controlled growth allows us this opportunity. For more information regarding our franchise program, please click Franchise FAQ. Please click on Application to apply for a franchise.

For further information regarding our franchise program, please reach out to to franchise@runza.com or call 402-423-2394