There’s a reason our Onion Rings taste twice as good. It’s because we batter them twice. Dipped once, then dipped again. It’s the only way to achieve our signature crunch.


Shipping Runza® Sandwiches

Due to USDA regulations, we cannot ship Runza® Sandwiches.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t ship frozen Runza® Sandwiches yourself.

Helpful Hints for shipping sandwiches:

  • Frozen Runza® Sandwiches can be purchased at any Runza® location. We recommend calling the location at least 24 hours in advance to place your order.
  • Please consult with your dry ice vendor on the amount of ice needed based on the quantity of sandwiches being shipped, size of cooler and distance to destination.
  • Baking Instructions

The UPS Store at 70th & VanDorn in Lincoln, Nebraska is our preferred shipper. They will pick up and ship an order of frozen Runza® Sandwiches your way.