Our most famous fan? Let’s see, Larry the Cable Guy has professed his love for Runza®. Rocker Tommy Lee fell in love with our sandwiches while filming a TV show in Nebraska. But Bill Clinton might take the prize. In December of 2000, he became the only known sitting president to eat a Runza® Sandwich.

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Runza® + Fanatic = Runzatic®.

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It’s okay to be a little obsessive. If you’re a Runzatic®, crinkly fries make you giddy. A fresh-made Runza® Sandwich somehow makes watching football even better. Visions of double-dipped onion rings keep you up at night. And those juicy, made-from-scratch burgers are worth writing home about.

So what makes you a Runza® fanatic? Tell us how far you’ve gone to satisfy your Runza® craving for a chance to win a $25 gift card. Yeah, call us enablers.

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Here are stories from some of our all-time favorite Runzatics®.

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