Runza® Restaurants has been in business since 1949. Our controlled growth strategy has allowed us to actively support our franchisees and work with them to maximize success. 

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Franchise Support

Before you open your business, Runza® National will provide:

Site Selection
Runza® National will assist you in a site analysis of certain factors including traffic patterns, mall characteristics, parking, visibility, size and configuration of building area, access, competition, location, area demographics, and population density. Your store must be approved by Runza® National before signing the Franchise Agreement.

Prototype architectural plans
Runza® National will provide you with copyrighted plans and blueprints for the Franchise Premises to be used as a reference point for a prototype Runza® Restaurant.

Professional interior designs
Our on-staff interior decorators will provide you with the needed assistance in designing your store as well as choosing your furniture and décor.

Classroom & in-store training
Runza® National provides franchisees and general managers with a one-week Runza® University training program at corporate headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska. In addition, you will be required to complete an in-store training program at an approved location. As part of the franchise fee, Runza® National will provide both the in-store and one-week Runza® University training of one manager.

A trainee must successfully complete the training program to operate a Runza® Restaurant franchise.

Purchasing assistance for equipment, food & paper products
Runza® National will provide you with specifications and names of approved suppliers for equipment, signs, fixtures, inventory, décor, supplies and any other items necessary to the Runza® System. Each item is subject to written specifications to assure quality and consistency. Runza® National contracts on behalf of Runza® Restaurants to secure the most favorable pricing for many necessary items. As a result, significant savings can be passed on to our franchisees.

Accounting and Bookkeeping
Runza® National will provide you with a prescribed software system, and sales, accounting and bookkeeping reports, forms and procedures to be utilized in the operation of your store.

During the operation of your business, Runza® National will provide:

Marketing and promotional support
Runza® National’s in-house marketing/advertising department develops its own advertising programs including e-commerce, website, all Internet or cyberspace applications and also works with advertising agencies to create and implement regional and local advertising and promotional programs.

Rights to use Runza® Restaurants image, trademark, logo and system
As a Runza® Restaurant franchisee, Runza® National grants to you the right to use the Proprietary Marks which include the exclusive rights to certain trademarks, service marks, trade names and related insignia and logos used in the promotion and sale of food products at Runza® Restaurants, subject to approval.

Personal Representatives
Runza® National has representatives available by telephone at Runza® headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska to address any operating problems you may encounter. You will also be assigned a Field Representative to address your concerns and to conduct periodic inspections of your store.

Use of operation manual & training CD’s
Runza® National will loan you a copy of Runza®’s Confidential Business Manuals and Confidential Electronic Materials which contain mandatory and suggested specifications, standards and procedures. Runza® National will provide you with all information, techniques and guidance to enable you to operate your store in accordance with the Manuals and Electronic Materials.

Ongoing educational training
Runza® National conducts additional refresher training, programs and seminars. The general outline of the training program varies depending upon your needs and the areas in which Runza® National desires to develop.